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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions

What happens when the chips washed in the washing machine or damaged?
As long as the chips have not completely disintegrated or are not recognizable, they still have their information and effectiveness.
Is it possible to use several chips at the same time in a box or in a bracelet safe?
Each chip has its own vibration and information(s). They mix and can therefore be used simultaneously. The chips can be assigned to the body, because our body only takes up the information that it can is needed for regulation. It does not matter on which side the chips are located.
Is it possible that you do not notice a single reaction?
Yes. If I give someone a chip that they do not need, they will not feel, sense, perceive. In this case, it is exactly the same as if I were to give someone a headache tablet even though they do not have a headache at all. They would then perhaps only feel the side effects of the tablet.
If you have used the chips in a kinesiological treatment, or someone else has already used the chip before, the chips must be energetically cleansed afterwards? And if yes, how?
The chips do not accept external energy and therefore do not need to be cleaned. They can be used by another person without worries. They remain stable even if they are exposed to very strong electromagnetic fields (airport baggage scanners or magnets).
Which side should be placed on the skin? The colorful side, or the silver side?
The chips do not have to be worn on the skin and do not need to be removed from the case. They also work through the fabric (clothing). So simply put them in your trouser pocket, shirt pocket, bra or in the bracelets specially made for the chip and wear. The chip side is not important. They work on both sides.
Which side must be placed on the skin? The coloured side or the silver side?

The chips do not have to be worn on the skin and do not have to be removed from the cover. They also work through the fabric (clothing). So just put them in your trouser or shirt pocket, brassiere or in the wristbands made especially for the chip and wear them. The chip side does not matter. They work on both sides.

Is there a danger of becoming ‚dependent‘ on the chips?
The chips are not comparable with drugs on which one can indeed become dependent. However, many customers (including many athletes) tell me that they feel safer and more comfortable with the chips and they miss them once they have forgotten to plug in.
Should I carry on with the chips, even if I have the feeling they have worked, or is a break useful?
Every day you decide, similar to the choice of your clothes, which chips they carry. (Selection by feeling).
I have the chips in a small bag, how many may/should be in at the same time? Can the effects cancel each other out?
The effects do not cancel each other out. Some wear up to 10 chips on their body. They can be also store and carry several chips in one sleeve.
Who can help me with the selection of the chips or if I have specific questions?

You are welcome to contact me directly.

Heiko Wenner
Zum Hartberg 20
64739 Höchst i. O., Germany
Phone: +49-(0)6163-9439736
Mobile: +49-(0)173-3646317

Or write us by using our contact form.

Frequently asked questions about vaccination against COVID-19 and the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine

Should I get vaccinated?

I have been asked this question again and again, comparable to the question whether chemotherapy is yes or no. I always give the same answer: “That’s up to you. I always give the same answer: “Everyone must decide for themselves”. What I recommend, however, is that if someone decides to undergo chemotherapy, then he should look for alternatives during the chemo break to replenish the depots of his body with enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, so that he is able to cope better with the next chemo cycle.Related to the vaccination against COVID-19, everyone should inform themselves about the effect and risks of side effects in detail.More info about mRNA vaccines you can get from me as a PDF file.

(Simply request via eMail from me at info(at)

How do I get the harmful vaccine ingredients out of my body quickly?

In order to eliminate the harmful vaccine ingredients as quickly as possible, I recommend the following procedure: Start taking chlorella algae, zeolite, or other substances 5-7 days before the vaccination date, so that the harmful substances in the form of nanoparticles and other harmful vaccine ingredients can be absorbed and eliminated immediately.My set for the elimination of vaccine ingredients supports the above-mentioned elimination method.

When should the chips be worn?

It would be good if the chips are worn 3 to 4 days before the vaccination (pants pocket, bracelet, belt safe, bra).

How long should the chips be worn after vaccination?

Listen to your body feeling. It is important that your immune system remains stable and the harmful substances are discharged. You should also take the products under point 2 at least 10 to 14 days after the vaccination. A discharge should always take place on the physical as well as on the subtle level. The chips should support the process of elimination.

I am a system-relevant person, but I do not want to be vaccinated. However, I am afraid of losing my job as a result. What can I do?

First of all, you will find an article on this subject under the heading “When must the Covid-19 messenger RNA vaccine not be administered” in the PDF file mentioned under point 1. I refer to the points on this: Allergies, allergic reactions, pregnancy and nursing mothers and acute illnesses, immunocompromised persons etc.

Is the discharge kit also useful for non-vaccinated persons?

A, the subject of discharge will become of great importance to all people.

Many millions of people have already been vaccinated, a large proportion for the second time. The vaccine ingredients (also nanoparticles) are excreted naturally by the vaccinated. The filters in sewage treatment plants are far from sufficient to filter out these nanoparticles. As a result, these particles enter the natural cycle of our food chain (drinking water, food ). At some point, the vaccine ingredients will also find their way into our bodies. (Whether we want it or not).

Start doing something about it right now by protecting your body and eliminating the vaccine ingredients. By the way, animals and plants (the whole system “earth” ) are also affected. (The natural cycle will already take care of this).

Individuelle Austestung akury Chip Individuelle Austestung akury Chip

Individual testing

Are you unsure about the multitude of information chips? You don't know exactly which you need at the moment? Use my offer of the free and non -binding individual examination

Only send a personal photo (for example selfie, don't have to be up to date) by email

You can find more information about the testing on our website  frequently asked questions.

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