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  • Products for your well-being

    Bioenergetic Information Management
  • Products for your well-being

    Bioenergetic Information Management
  • Products for your well-being

    Bioenergetic Information Management


Control your own life energy and state of mind yourself? That is possible! With the natural law of resonance. Learn more about the amazing possibilities of bioenergetic information.

What our clients think about us

  • For several months I have been in possession of the wonderful chips. You have brought something into the world that is so valuable for people.
    From my point of view, I would like to say that they help me wonderfully. Meanwhile I already have a small collection in my bracelet.
    Each chip performs its task excellently. My health is much better. I can sleep again and the next morning I am well rested. For many years this was not possible. I have got a new attitude to life. Also other complaints are getting better from time to time. I have joy in life again. I am totally grateful and happy that my health is better.
    Thank you Mr. Wenner for your support. You are doing a wonderful job.

    Martina Schulz, Germany

  • The magic power of the „Reboot Kick“. I was totally exhausted and no longer capable to go to work. Recently I could not even get up in the mornings. I had no pain that could have been traced back to an illness, but I was weak and without energy so that I could not get up anymore. One day my alternative practitioner presented the Reboot Kick Chip to me that literally catapulted myself out of the lack of energy and listlessness. Many thanks that such marvellous things exist

    C. F. from Überau, Germany

  • Useful for alternative veterinary practitioners. Since 13 years I am working as an alternative veterinary practitioner/psychokinesiologist for animals in my own practice. Since 4 years I am also using the Info-Chips successfully for animal treatments. Especially Basic Trust, Keep Cool, NHN, SERC, EMO and FA. Since a placebo effect cannot be expected, I am again and again surprised about the positive reactions of the animals to the Information-Chips. Many thans Mr. Wenner for your work.

    Nicole Nek, Alternative Veterinary Practitioner, Wiesbaden, Germany

  • More balanced and free, but nevertheless still concentrated and full of energy. The use of the Information Chips is still immpressive to me. They help me in difficult situations, balance my life and increase my overall performance. Clearly noticeable for me was that I no longer need to go through live with the brake applied, on the one hand, and with constant maximum power, on the other hand. Instead increasingly I am capable to organize my everday life more balanced and freer but still concentrated and full of energy.

    Inge Berg, Höchst/Odw., Germany

  • Calming „Magic-Chip“. From the bottom of my heart I want thank you for your honesty, help and loving care. I got hold of the Keep-Cool Chip during an extremly tough crisis. That was my calming „Magic-Chip“. It helped me a lot to calm myself.

    R.S. from Höchst/Odw., Germany

  • Amazing results. Yes, we have achieved amazing results with the following Chip: Concentration-Chip: Amazing grounding and support for college students. Carried in clothing for 12 hours per day
    Deep & Restful Sleep Chip: It helped people with intestinal problems that constantly needed to get up during the night to go to the toilet. Ihr gestörtes Schlafmuster beruhigte sich mit diesem Frequenz-Chip und sie haben nun einen ungestörten Nachtschlaf aufgenommen.
    So far these are the most successful Chips. We remain to be in the evaluation process. I will keep you informed with further information.

    Philip Rafferty, Kinesiologists, Deloraine, Australia

  • Surprised how well I coped with the operation. I wanted to give you a feedback to your Pain Tapes. Directly after the C-section, I had affixed the Pain Tape (LIN) halfway between navel and scar. Already a few days after the childbrith, I have started to take only half of the proposed painkillers, and reduced in the following days to only one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening. I have recovered extremly quickly and virtually did not need any further help from the nursing staff. The doctors and nurses were quite sceptical when looking at the tape, but had a positive attitude. They were surprised how well I coped with the operation and about my physcial condition.

    Vicky Bobe, Kinesiologist, Hilzingen, Germany

  • It works! First I approached the topic of the Energy-Chips interested and neutral and used the “Attraction-Chip” and the “Relaxation-Chip”. Due to the Relaxation Chip I am again getting a full nights sleep, waking up recovered and fit, and experience my sleep again as relaxation that was not the case for a long time. Yesterday I forgot it in the adjoing room and immediately I had again problems getting to sleep. Then I got to bring it to put it under my pillow, I immediately fell asleep.
    With respect to the Attraction-Chip I can only say: WOW! One who is asking for something with pure heart and receives with gratitude will experience the Law of Attraction and of Resonance. If you are looking for measurable results, you will find them here.

    CocoonConsult, Germany

  • I am using the “e-Protect Chip” since years. Ich have attached it between the case and my mobile phone. I often make phone calls without a headset holding the phone directly to my ear – but, since I am using this Chip, my ear is not getting warm anymore and I stay longer concentrated. I can only recommend it.
    Such as the “Keep Cool Chip”, just put it into your trouser pocket and make a short walk and you are feeling already much calmer.

    Moritz Biermann, Germany

  • I am using the Information Chips from akury since almost a year now and I am noticing a distinct improvement of my condition. Meanwhile I own a whole set of Information-Chips for different life situations that I would not like to miss any more.
    Ich have come to know Heiko Wenner as a honest, committed and competent advisor and can unreservedly recommend his services.

    Karl-Heinz von Lackum, Germany

    Individuelle Austestung akury Chip Individuelle Austestung akury Chip

    Individual testing

    Are you unsure about the multitude of information chips? You don't know exactly which you need at the moment? Use my offer of the free and non -binding individual examination

    Only send a personal photo (for example selfie, don't have to be up to date) by email

    You can find more information about the testing on our website  frequently asked questions.

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    For the purposes of the Advertising Code of Practice for ‘Therapeutic Products’, AkuRy Products have been tested using only partially scientifically-based methods and therefore their effectiveness on any individual cannot be assured with total certainty. This material is presented for educational information only. AkuRy Products may provide protection against damaging environmental pollution. However, they should not be used as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor, therapist or any other health care professional.
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