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About us

Do much good without harming.
Let us introduce ourselves

About Akury

The Akury GmbH researches, develops, manufactures and markets products that promote human wellbeing and minimise the harmful effects of external environmental factors.

The Akury Shop distributes our products worldwide.

The Akury Institute offers workshops and seminars.

Heiko Wenner is the inventor of the Bioenergetic Informationmanagement and develops the akury Information-Chips. Furhtermore, he is the managing director of the akury GmbH and heads the akury Institute for energy work in Höchst/Odw, Germany. – a training center for building biologists and therapists.

Heiko Wenner is a sought-after lecturer and shares his experience and know-how in lectures, seminars and in specialist articles.

How everything began….

Our company history

As a child I grew up on the farm of my grandparents. Early on I discovered that I could help people and animals with health impairments on an energetic level. I started to occupy myself with the nature of oscillation and energy, I immersed myself in books about energy and physics and experimented with pendulum and tensor.

Als Erwachsener beschäftigte ich mich mit baubiologischen Untersuchungen, Strahlung und Geopathie. Als die Computer in Büros und Wohnzimmer einzogen, suchte ich nach einem Weg, um die Strahlenbelastung an Bildschirmarbeitsplätzen zu verringern. I experimented with an energetically charged granite plate, which was placed underneath the computer screen. I could measure the effect with my building biology metering equipment. I asked our Bosnian cleaning lady who happened to be present to have a seat at the computer worksation and measured her radiation exposure.

The result was remarkable: With the granite plate there was no expsoure, after removing the granite plate the radiation dose was enormous.

Heiko Wenner

My cleaning lady shared my happiness – even without understanding the scope of the discovery.

This was followed by numerous test series for which a friend of mine, a kinesiologists, supported me. (Editorial note: kinesiology is a scientifically methodological system to release energy blocks.) Meanwhile we had changed from bulky granite plates to boards. When my mobile phone rang unexpectedly during a test, I had a flash of inspiration.

This was the hour of birth of the akury eProtect chip.


What we offer


Bring your body back in balance.


Loosen tensionings, relieve pain.

Protection Products

Protect ourself for example against electromagnetic radiation.

Energy Card

Vitalize your nutrition.


Learn more about the Bioenergetic Information Management.

Seminars & Workshops

Learn for example how you can activate your self-healing powers.


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Individuelle Austestung akury Chip Individuelle Austestung akury Chip

Individual testing

Are you unsure about the multitude of information chips? You don't know exactly which you need at the moment? Use my offer of the free and non -binding individual examination

Only send a personal photo (for example selfie, don't have to be up to date) by email

You can find more information about the testing on our website  frequently asked questions.

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For the purposes of the Advertising Code of Practice for ‘Therapeutic Products’, AkuRy Products have been tested using only partially scientifically-based methods and therefore their effectiveness on any individual cannot be assured with total certainty. This material is presented for educational information only. AkuRy Products may provide protection against damaging environmental pollution. However, they should not be used as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor, therapist or any other health care professional.
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