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Videoconference of Mai 15, 2020

Effective Protection against the Covid-19 Pandemic

Glad that you are interested in an effective protection against the COVID-19 virus.

In this video I will briefly explain how you can strengthn your immune system effectively to protect yourself against the Covid-19 virus.

Videoconference of July 26, 2020

Good by Toxins, how to detoxify ones body from its toxins

The Video describes the respective toxin categories and answers the four important questions:

  • About which toxins are we talking (definition)?
  • How does the toxin end up in our body?
  • Of which symptomes does the respective toxin possess?
  • How/With which method can I remove the toxins from my body?

The akury Information-Chips Set (Good by Toxins) shall support the desired individual detoxificaiton method.

Videoconference of August 22, 2020

What to do against burnout?

Why am I recently so listless, weak, powerless, unmotivated?

This video answers the following questions:

  • How do we recognize a power loss?
  • What are the causes/ energy thieves?
  • Which possibilities do I have to recover my energy and to protect myself against energy thieves?
  • What needs to be done to escape from the downward spiral, if nothing works anymore?

Videoconference of June 16, 2020

Main topic: Early Childhood Reflexes

Some of the early childhood reflexes should already be integrated during the pregnancy, some afterwards. In the interview with Andrea Katharina Menke we will learn which reflexes are concerned and what the consequences are, if they are not integrated or inhibited up to a certain age. Mrs. Menke explains how not-integrated reflexes can be integrated later on in life and which role the akury Information-Chips play thereby. An exciting topic that affects almost all of us.

Individuelle Austestung akury Chip Individuelle Austestung akury Chip

Individual testing

Are you unsure about the multitude of information chips? You don't know exactly which you need at the moment? Use my offer of the free and non -binding individual examination

Only send a personal photo (for example selfie, don't have to be up to date) by email

You can find more information about the testing on our website  frequently asked questions.

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