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Product Information

Bring your body back in balance


Mode of Operation

Every cell, every organ and even every organism has its specific, unmistakable natural frequency spectrum. The oscillation of a substance can only trigger an effect if it causes another substance to resonate through its oscillation. Practically, out of the multitude of frequency patterns and formulas affecting the body, only those that can trigger a resonance can lead to the effect (reaction). The akury information chips are “informed” with theme-related oscillations and transmit these oscillations to the organism.

Life Period

The akury information chip retains its effect 100 percent even 10 years after purchase. The chip may not be removed from its laminating foil.


The akury information chip is supplied in an acrylic glass capsule and is usually worn on the body, e.g. in a trouser pocket or in the bracelets and belt buckles developed for this purpose. Information chips that are supposed to work overnight (e.g. Deep and Restful Sleep) can be fixed on the bedside table at the head end of the bed.

Advantages of the Information-Chips

1. They are easy to use because they are simply worn on the body., i.e. they can be attached to clothing, put in a pocket or carried in an bracelet or amulet.
2. They can be used according to need, topic and situation at hand.
3. By their natural principle of action, they support the self-healing powers of the organism.
4. The Information Chips are not tailored to one person and can therefore be used by the whole family.
5. They do not get used up and and do not consume themselves, even if they are exposed to very strong electromagnetic fields. They retain its effect at least 12 years.
6. They act in a very gentle way.

More and more people all over the world are realising that, in addition to conventional medicine, there is now a wide range of other options for maintaining or recovering health. Physical medicine will surpass biochemical medicine. People will learn to manage their life energy themselves.
Information Chips can be provide helpful support in this matter.

BIP Bipolar disorder/ manic-depressive

VDB Vitamin D

LTI – Lactose Intolerance

PRC – Procain

GZF – Healthy gums

DHV – Endurance

KEU – Whooping cough

DIA 1 – Diabetes Typ 1


Loosen tensions, relieve pain



The tape is affixed to the pain point or between two points by removing the white foil marked with Pino. Das Tape hat eine starke Haftkraft und kann auch beim Duschen getragen werden. According to the pain point, the tape can be worn for up to 4 days. Danach verliert es seine Wirkkraft.


Please do not affix the tape to wounds, burns, mucous membranes or the mouth, nose or eyes. In rare cases skin irritations or allergic reactions may be triggered by the tape. In the event of undesired side-effects the treatment should be terminated immediately and the tape removed from the skin. Given an existing condition whereby there is a sensitivity to plasters or tapes the tape should first be applied to a small area of the skin. Please keep in mind that not all reaction are immediate. Reactions at a later point (after approx. 24-48 hours) may also occur.

Please Note

We selected ‘Pino’ as our tape of choice and enhanced it with the consent of the company. The Pino tape is very well suited for our applications.

As to the product description of the „Pino“ Company the tape is:

• Versatile
• Withstands sporting activities
• Extra-strong adhesive for durability
• Revolutionary backing material made of light-weight rayon
• Very water-resistant and quickdrying
• Ideally suited for people with perspiration issues
• Dermatologically tested
• Latex-free

Vagus-Nerve-Tape (VNA Tape)

Anti-Sucht-Pflaster (AST-Tape)

Inflammation-Tape (ENT Tape)

Excretion Tape (AUS-Tape)

Sleep-Well-Tape (DRS Tape)

Self-esteem tape


Vitalize your nutrition

Energy Cards


The Vitalizer Energy Card re-energizes water using information from originally ‘pure’water molecules and therefore revitalizes the water. The true molecular arrangement of water is re-established. This is particularly noticeable in the taste. Food and drink that has been revitalized and energized by the Vitalizer tastes much more tender and more flavoursome. Because the human body comprises over 70% water, this Energy Card also enhances vital energy levels when you carry it with you.


The Stabilizer Energy Card includes information and frequencies for an optimal cell tension (-70 to -90 mV) and an optimal biophoton emission. The Stabilizer is intended to be used after a vaccination or high environmental impact and periods of stress to maintain the cell tension and to stabilize and strengthen the cell communication, as well as to keep the biophoton emission in balance.

Place the Vitalizer for approx. 3 minutes under your beverage or nutrition to engergize them. The Vitalizer can also be carried close to the body to supply it with further energy. The Stabilizer can be worn close to your body to optimize your cell tension. The Energy Cards can be carried for example in your handbag or wallet.

Product Description
The Energy Cards have the size of a credit card and are printed with a 3-D lenticular effect.

Energy Card – Stabilizer

Energy Card – Vitalizer

Energy Cards

Protect yourself against Electromagnetic Pollution

eProtect Chip


The akury eProtect-Chip (with integrated 5G-technology) can be used wherever electromagnetic radiation can harm your health. Use them for electronic equipment such as mobile phones, DECT phones, tablets, computers, televisions, wireless routers, babyphones, radio and crystal clocks, and many more.

If the housing of the device can be opened, fix the chip with an adhesive strip inside. Otherwise affix to the bottom or back of the device. The akury eProtect-Chip works immediately without impairing the function of the device.


  • Protection against electromagnetic radiation
  • Lowering brain activity
  • Support of sleep quality and regeneration
  • Shifting the pH to the basic environment
Protect yourself against Electromagnetic Pollution

Regulate your own Energy System


Akury Amulet

The akury Amulet is made of schungite, a carbonaceous rock that can self-charge and self-discharge like a ‘hermaphrodite’. It’s therefore not necessary to clean this type of healing stone.
The colourful face of the Schungite Amulet is designed along the same principle as the akury Information-Chips and the akury Energy Card and so it offers similar health benefits. The stone has a harmonising effect when combined with our akury energy foil on its front face.
By wearing the AkuRy shungite pendant, your entire energy system can regulate itself in a very short time. Body, soul and spirit quickly come into balance. Energy blockages can dissolve, so that healing processes get started better.


The shungite pendant should initially not be worn on the body for longer than 15 minutes, since the organism must slowly get used to the high vibration. After the acclimatization period, you can wear your shungite pendant 8-10 hours a day. It should always be worn with the film side outwards (away from the body).

Please Note

In order to maintain the effectiveness of the shungite pendant, it must not be exposed to temperatures> 60 ° C. Please also protect your shungite pendant from moisture.
Shungite can leave stains. When wearing light-colored clothing, slight gray discolouration can occur.


Protect your Animal against Electromagnetic Pollution

Pendant for Animals

Goals of akury Vet

Protection against electrosmog and geopathic influences. More serenity in dealing with natural events (thunderstorms, earthquakes, etc.) Promotion of a harmonious environment between humans and animals. More balance and less restlessness.


The akury Vet is water-repellent and can be worn on the collar all day. However, I mostly recommend wearing it at home in the living room, either on the collar or simply in the basket.

Pendant for Animals

Harmonize and Energize your Environment

Glass Cubes

AkuRy Glass Cubes

The cubes are energised and they are therefore energising your environment. It’s 60 x 60 x 60 mm in size and it is 100% protective within an 80 cm radius. You can therefore use it for example, as a harmonising glass paperweight on a desk.

AkuRy Glass Cubes Travelset

Ground water flows below the ground, faults in the earth’s crust and also the network of global meridians create the normal vibrational framework within our earth’s magnetic field. However, they can also have a negative effect on our own regulatory system. A stone setting with the cubes from the AkuRy travel set in geoman- tically correct orientation covers and harmonizes the disruptive effects.

The cubes are energised. One of the wonderful benefits is that the energy level of the surrounding area is also significantly raised. With the AkuRy Travel-Set, you can create your own place of energy – your own ‘super-charged’ space.

The mobile travel set covers an area of 2.50 m x 2.50 m. It’s frequently used to harmonise electromagnetic interference in hotel rooms. With the cubes you can also harmonize and energize your work area individually.

Please Note

Our glass cubes have ground and polished edges. However, chipping can occur if the glass edges of several cubes hit each other. We therefore recommend always transporting the cubes in our packaging with the foam separator.

Glass Cubes

For energetic harmonization of electromagnetic pollution

eProtect USB Flash Drive

Energetic Harmonization of Electromagnetic Pollution.
Strengthening your power of concentration and performance, and an improved regeneration of your body.

E-smog exists as a result of electromagnetic fields and radio waves such as those emitted by computers, wireless routers and wireless phones (DECT phones and cell phones).

Unprotected, these devices generate a ‘chaotic’ electronic frequency, comparable to the acoustic emission such as traffic or construction noise, or some other form of noise pollution. Electronic noise stresses the human body. It can cause, for example, concentration problems, irritability and nervousness, muscle tension, headaches and malaise.

Even though humans may not consciously recognize ‘e-smog’, the human body itself may register a general change of sensitivity and temperature (resulting from the physical stimulation of the water molecules within our cells).

Electro-sensitive people especially react to even low radiation exposure and suffer with symptoms such as tingling, loss of energy, poor concentration and demands for increased water consumption.

The AkuRy Stick works as a filter against man-made electromagnetic fields and radio waves and can be comparable to a ‘noise filter’ that helps prevent traffic noise.

AkuRy-Stick USB 3.0 with 7.5 GB storage capacity, silver (chrome-plated).

eProtect USB Flash Drive
Individuelle Austestung akury Chip Individuelle Austestung akury Chip

Individual testing

Are you unsure about the multitude of information chips? You don't know exactly which you need at the moment? Use my offer of the free and non -binding individual examination

Only send a personal photo (for example selfie, don't have to be up to date) by email

You can find more information about the testing on our website  frequently asked questions.

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For the purposes of the Advertising Code of Practice for ‘Therapeutic Products’, AkuRy Products have been tested using only partially scientifically-based methods and therefore their effectiveness on any individual cannot be assured with total certainty. This material is presented for educational information only. AkuRy Products may provide protection against damaging environmental pollution. However, they should not be used as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor, therapist or any other health care professional.
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