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LEBEN 26 Heartbreak

Product description

LEBEN 26 Heartbreak

Heartbreak often arises from the loss or separation of people with whom there was an emotional bond. Another form of heartbreak is longing or jealousy toward a woman or man with whom one has fallen in love despite an existing partnership. Heartbreak can also occur in cases of unrequited love, as well as in cases where there is no commitment between people, but it is desired by at least one of the people involved.

Scientists say that heartbreak not only drains us of our body’s feel-good substances, it also leads to physical reactions that cause heartbreak. When we are suddenly abandoned, a world collapses for us. Everything is out of control and we don’t know what to expect in the future. Inner stress spreads. What happens then is explained to us by medicine: In order to survive the stress, our body needs a lot of energy. It gets this for a short time from the stimulant hormone adrenaline, which in the long run is replaced by cortisol. Cortisol is weaker, but has more endurance than adrenaline and triggers unimagined forces in our body. If these forces are not sufficiently dissipated, which is often the case with lovesickness, we become powerless. If the stress phases last for a long time, which is common in the first weeks of a breakup, we experience physical discomfort, such as chest pain occur.


The chip is designed to help overcome heartbreak more quickly and alleviate the symptoms.

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