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S 108 – White mustard / Sinapis alba

Product description

S 108 Sinapis alba / White mustard

Sinapis alba is very closely related to Brassica nigra and, as part of the same botanical family, has many similar properties at the physical level.

On the physical level, it is also a very useful plant for severe indigestion, slow digestion and constipation. It also promotes metabolic processes. It is the plant of the “blocked passages”. It frees the digestive tract, the respiratory tract (accumulation of mucus at the level of breathing, shortness of breath, etc.) and also everything that could block us in our momentum. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties and is also effective against worm infestation. Since it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, it proves interesting in neuralgia. Sinapis helps to relieve psoriasis. It also supports patients with neurofunctional disorders and diabetes.

On the energetic level, sinapis gives us the strength to leave behind a difficult situation in which we have become stuck. It leads us to a different revelation of ourselves in a dynamic of openness to life, transforming suffering into joy. It cleans the terrain so that our health becomes better in the new situation.

The S 108 chip contains frequencies and information that is intended to support the properties and transformation goals of Sinapis alba on the physical, as well as on the soul-spiritual level.

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