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S 15 – Bellis Perennis (Daisy)

Product description

S 15 Bellis perennis / Daisy

The spagyric essence Bellis perennis is an important injury remedy and shows similar effects as Arnica. It can therefore be used for a variety of different wounds such as bruises, sprains, wounds or bleeding. Bellis perennis can also be helpful if the injuries occurred some time ago and discomfort has lingered. The essence is indicated especially by a strong feeling of soreness and bruising. Bellis perennis can also be helpful for the consequences of physical overload and overexertion. Furthermore, the essence has a relation to inflammatory irritations of the skin and can be given for weeping eczema, herpes infections and urticaria, as well as for suppurations such as abscesses, boils or carbuncles.

Transformational goals physical:

– injuries and wounds can heal quickly and without consequences.

– Keep the skin resistant and stable to external disruptive stimuli.

– Overcome irritation of the female genital organs without complications.

Transformation goals spiritually, mentally:

– Being able to protect your own soul against negative influences.

– Deal well with consequences of childhood sexual assault.

– Be able to recognize and accept masturbation as a particular expression of one’s sexuality.

The S 15 chip contains frequencies and information that is intended to support the properties and transformation goals of the daisy on the physical, as well as on the soul-spiritual level.

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