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S 40 Ginkgo bilboa (Ginkgo tree)

Product description

S 40 Ginkgo bilboa (Ginkgo tree)
Ginkgo has good effects on complaints caused by disturbances in the arterial circulation. These include circulatory disorders in the brain (also age-related), in the ear area and in the legs. Ginkgo thus helps with dizziness, memory disorders, cold hands and feet, calf pain and ringing in the ears, among other things. The essence stabilises the blood vessels and increases the flow of the blood.
Transformational goals physically:
– To be able to keep the arteries well circulated and maintain the blood supply.
– Keeping mental abilities stable in old age.
– To work in a concentrated manner and remain mentally capable.

Transformation goals spiritual, mental:
– To be able to stand up for one’s own claims with concentration and self-confidence.
– To be able to develop a positive self-image.
– To free oneself from supposedly false responsibility.

The chip should support the transformation goals of the ginkgo tree on all levels.

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