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S 72 – Stinging Nettle / Urtica

Product description

Energetic Aspect

  • Protective and strengthening essence for our nervous system in many areas: electromagnetic fields, energetic impurities of various causes, disturbing waves of the earth’s crust, attacks on our energetic DNA, harmful or destabilizing energies coming from negative people, people you don’t like, who are aggressive, from whom you want to protect yourself (consciously or unconsciously);
  • Helps to recover the inner purity that allows access to new vibrational “fields” and “sounds” of the planet.
  • Embodies communication; to talk calmly.
  • Acts like a drum that, through vibration, frees us from negative energies brought forth by our environment
  • Relief from stress
  • External protection (internal protection: Betula)
  • Muscular strength, virility, sometimes false impression of strength, can be aggressive and impulsive, has “gossamer” nerves
  • Symbolizes the skin, our protective layer
  • Kidneys, our life energy (purification, releases our emotions), discharges fears
  • Reaction in depth, from inside the bones to the surface, allows the functional restructuring of our physical body through its psychic activity
  • Expulsion of chemical toxins, excess body acid, of all that is no longer in harmony with our energy (feeling of discomfort, various pains of body and soul, old destructive patterns)

Physical Aspects

  • Kidney plant, well combined with Solidago, Sabal, Tropaeolum or with other liver-bile plants
  • Drainage of liver and kidneys
  • Adaptogen: Immune defense and physical resistance: general tonic, purification and blood regeneration
  • Remineralization
  • Patient feels tired, slagged, overacidified, in recovery phase
  • Urinary tract: supports kidney function, regenerates kidney tissue
  • Lithiasis; edema
  • General tonic, blood purifier, blood regenerator Body detoxification, hyperacidity in blood and urine, elimination of uric acid, excessive lactic acid.
  • Feeling of burning of the skin (red face), as if stung by the nettle, inflammation of the eyes and ears. Muscular system, bones, joints:
  • Muscular system, bones, joints: pain, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, bones, joints; strengthens joint cartilage;
  • Sciatica
  • Growth: disorders of bone formation, teething
  • Rich in minerals (osteoporosis, demineralization: favors calcium absorption); adaptogen and tonic of the adrenal glands, regulates metabolism, reduces the pernicious effects of stress
  • Benign enlargement of the prostate, urinary incontinence, enuresis, cystitis
  • Heat waves with excess of histamine (stress, inappropriate food, smoking and alcohol)
  • Skin and mucous membranes: feeling as if the skin is on fire (red face), impression of being stung by a nettle,
  • ear and eye inflammation
  • People in whom stress leads to skin reactions
  • Itching (skin, vagina, stress-related), eczema, pimples, psoriasis, lichen, hives (urticaria) caused by seafood, poisoning by fish or shellfish, chicken pox, herpes, acne, oily skin, skin irritation, skin irritation, skin irritation, skin irritation, skin irritation, skin irritation.

The S 72 chip contains frequencies and information that create a coherent vibration, which is intended to reorder the incoherent energetic and physical aspects and support the regeneration process.


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