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S 76 – Mistletoe / Viscum album

Product description

Energetic Aspect

  • Symbolizes the spiritual mother. Lack of mother’s love (e.g. mother died too early).
  • Lack of mourning for the deceased mother. Side left, related to the mother, the past, the feminine energy. Represents the moon “The night brings advice”,
  • Sign of Cancer, Monday, lives in the past, sadness, nostalgia knowledge and awareness of the past.
  • Plant of purification of bad habits, of mistakes, blockages of the past Knowledge and consciousness (which we already bring from the past)

Physical Aspects

  • Means of injury pathologies
  • Excretory organs exhausted
  • Tissue hyperacidity, arteriosclerosis
  • Radical scavengers. Aging, adjunctive therapy for cancer, synergy with Quercus, precancerous, melanoma, fibroma, cysts, warts, vaginal herpes (+ Betula = synergy).
  • Circulatory disorders, dizziness, ringing in the ears, hypertension. Heart attack. Respiratory system, cardiovascular system, styptic, regulates too high or too low blood pressure, cardiac tonic (+ Crataegus).
  • Respiratory distress and asthma
  • Blood circulation: prevention of arteriosclerosis; anticoagulant
  • Metabolic disorders (diabetes, etc.), blood purifier
  • Analgesic
  • Rheumatism due to overuse (gout) and degenerative (osteoarthritis); sciatica; neuralgia
  • Migraine
  • Cramps, nausea, anxiety
  • Epilepsy (caused by hysteria)
  • Bladder. Diuretic, promotes urea excretion. Water retention. Edema. (Tides of the moon).
  • Insomnia. Anxiety. Anxiety (especially in connection with the moon), night terrors, depression, sadness, melancholy.
  • Nervous ailments, convulsions, tremors.
  • Digestive system, system of senses
  • Enhances hearing sensation (+ humulus); ear noises; visual disturbances.
  • “Female Reproductive System”. Regulates the female cycle (purification of the woman), constipation before menstruation.
  • Menopausal symptoms with hot flashes, water retention, palpitations and short breath;
  • Dysplasia of the cervix; ovarian pain on the left side; severe pain associated with the uterus; white discharge; chronic infections in the genital area.
  • Left breast (cysts). Mammary gland
  • ENT area: asthma, pseudocroup, not enough air to breathe, fear of dying.
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Sick once a month
  • MOON, moonstruck, dozing
  • Always thirsty
  • Lives in the past, “leafs through the album”.

The S 76 chip contains frequencies and information that create a coherent vibration, which should reorder the incoherent energetic and physical aspects and support the regeneration process.


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