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SHA Sleep apnoea

Product description

Sleep apnoea occurs when the muscles in the upper airways slacken. This narrows the airway in the throat area or even blocks it completely, resulting in loud snoring noises when breathing in and out. This breathing disorder means that the body is not supplied with enough oxygen.

In addition, the pulse and blood pressure drop. The respiratory centre in the brain sounds the alarm and triggers a wake-up stimulus: You wake up briefly, usually without realising it. This interrupts the sleep rhythm, the heart starts to beat faster and blood pressure rises. This brief wake-up reaction is also known as “arousal”. If it occurs repeatedly during the night, it can prevent you from falling into the deep sleep that makes a good night’s sleep restful.

Severe sleep apnoea makes you feel tired and listless all the time. A lack of restful sleep also affects your mood. Those who feel less well overall than people who usually sleep well may also be more likely to develop depression.
People with sleep apnoea are more likely to have high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. They therefore have a higher risk of having a heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrhythmia.
The chip is intended to help stabilise the airway muscles in the upper airways and keep the airways in the throat area clear.

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