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S 21 – Chelidonium majus / Celandine

Product description

Chelidonium is especially valuable for so-called remote symptoms of biliary disorder. These may manifest as right-sided headaches (especially neuralgic over the right eye), pain under the right shoulder blade, rheumatic pain in the shoulders and hips, or neuralgic pain in the area of the eyes with periodic visual disturbances (sparks, blurred letters). The gastrointestinal tract (gastritis) and respiratory tract (bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma) are equally sensitive. Herpes-like skin rashes may also develop as a result of chelidonium. Chelidonium is a typically right-sided remedy and its symptoms often improve in the evening and with heat. It is also used as a concomitant remedy for the treatment of warts.

Transformational targets on the physical level:
– To heal inflammatory and painful disorders in the liver and gall bladder without consequences.

– To keep the body stable and resistant to remote effects in case of biliary dysfunction.
– To heal warts and herpes-like rashes quickly and sustainably.

Transformational goals on the soul, spiritual level:
– To live life in harmony with the wishes of others and be able to respond to them.
– Accepting one’s own feelings and expressing them confidently.
– To work flexibly on the development of one’s own concept of life.

The S 21 Chip contains frequencies and information designed to support the properties and transformational goals of celandine on the physical and soul-spiritual levels.

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